Kiosk EXCLUSIVE for selling of newspapers / magazines, fast food, souvenirs, etc.


Kiosk EXCLUSIVE for selling of newspapers / magazines, fast food, souvenirs, etc...EXCLUSIVE is adopted for selling of newspapers / magazines and cigarets with maximised surfaces for refrigerators, advertising etc.


Lenght 3,6 - 4,8 m, width 2,45 - 3,15 m. Exterior height approx. 3 m, inner height approx. 2,4 m. Every kiosk made according location specificationa and customer‘s necessity.


  • roof 2,5 kN/m2
  • floor 2,5 kN/m2
  • walls 2,0 kN/m2


Structural and decorative frames are made from hot ZINCED steel profiles 2-3 mm in thickness. External wall cladding from zinced sheet of thickness 1.5 mm. All frame joints and joints of plates are welded together and protected with zinc coating. Painted with two-component polyurethane paint. Kiosk‘s weight may vary from 1800 up to 3000 kg

Floor structure

  • Polyurethane panel 40 mm bothside zinced and plasticated sheet
  • Waterproof laminate
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity is approximately K=0,38 cal/m2 h°C

Roof and ceiling structure

  • Polyurethane panel 40+40 mm with lower side zinced and plasticated white sheet
  • Upper side corrugated 40 mm thick zinced and plasticated sheet colour upon request.
  • Coefficient K=0,40 cal/m2 h°C
  • Drainage water from roof goes thru side columns

Facade and side wall structure

Zinced and painted metal sheets from outside, polyurethane panels 35 mm zinced and plasticated white. Outside panels in between sheets there is air space so coefficient is approximately K=0,38 cal/m2 h°C


Rolo shutters on 4 openings powdercoated in RAL color of kiosk facade. Rolo is handled by motor or manually. Rolo can be serviced from inside.


Entry doors made as antivandal, 200 cm in height, width 70 cm. Door wing furfilled with polyurethane panel with bothside zincedim sheetom outher thickness 1.25 mm, painted in the same colour as the construction. locked with a special lock in three points. Night delivery are on the back side equipped with special lock.

Advertising spaces

CITY LIGHT backlight advertising vitrines are part of kiosk facade, according to each location.

Advertising roof

Roof is equipped with a total of 12 LED luminaires on the lower side and cables for cameras. Roof has eight "commercial" areas. Front, last and left and right surfaces are made of "white" light transparent surface. Advertising stickers needs to be placed on „white" transparent surface selected by the client.

All plexi surfaces are removable in order to service the lighting. Behind all eight area located fluo lighting can be switched using luxomat manually.

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