Production exclusively for "Tisak" d.d. intended mainly for selling newspapers.

Production exclusively for "Tisak" d.d. and export


Kiosk intended mainly for selling newspapers to maximize sale surfaces with exhibition display cases, refrigerators, etc.


Length 3.8 to 5.2 m, width 2.3 to 2.6 m. Roof is outside the above framework. Outer height for all types is 3 m and inner height approx. 2.8 m. Note, every kiosk is made on request and client‘s wishes and in accordance with the location settings.


  • roof 2,5 kN/m2
  • floor 2,5 kN/m2
  • walls 2,0 kN/m2


Structural and decorative frames are made from hot ZINCED steel profiles 2-3 mm in thickness. External wall cladding from zinced sheet of thickness 1.5 mm. All frame joints and joints of plates are welded together and protected with zinc coating. Painted with two-component polyurethane paint.


Wing entrance doors, doors for the night exhibition and submission, advertising showcase from estruded aluminum without thermal bridge. Aluminum is in antracite color. All glass is 5 mm. The wings are fitted with locks and ‚scissors‘ opening to the outside. Wing is hung on the steel ‚box‘ in the composition of the facade with aluminiumskim handles. Large desk closes with zinced roller painted in exterior color construction. Rolo is
locked from inside and outside. Rolo can be opened above the desk for servicing.


As antivandal doors, locked with a special lock in three points.

Advertising surfaces

Showcases and advertising surfaces are on facade and roof.

Advertising roof

45 cm height out of the kiosk dimensions for 30 cm on all sides.

Refrigerator space

Made according refrigerator dimensions, usually 80 x 205 cm. It‘s possible to implement one or two refrigerators
at outher side. Refrigerator space is ventilated.


In roof lenght, extensible by 1,5 m. With or without signage.

Air Condition

Usually 2,5 kW of power. Outher unit inside kiosk (non visible from outside).

Electric installation

Wiring is performed according the European standards. Electrical equipment is made from distribution panel and fused FID switches, 8 to 10 sockets, flourescent lightning in desk 1 x 36 W, 2 piece and kiosks ceiling 2 x 36 W, 2 pcs.

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