Modular school - Switzerland

A modular school in Switzerland is built from 48 modules of oversized width.

In 2019, we produced modular buildings for the purpose of building a school in Switzerland, built from 48 modules that are oversized.The entire area of the built modular school is 713 m2, and it is used as a school with five classrooms.
All objects are produced in EUROmodul's production plant and delivered to the agreed location.
Its construction is high-energy and follows all Swiss construction laws and standards, including fire regulations. This guarantees quick evacuation and handling of accidents, fires, etc.
The external appearance of the building follows the latest standards of modular construction with cassette facades, while the materials and decors used inside are of the highest quality and durability.
The entire facility is cooled and heated with energy pumps, which achieves very low consumption.

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