Automatic public toilet / restroom unit.

Public toilet MEGANOVA

Toilet which embeds tech-wood into stainless steel collumns. The combination of natural material (wood) encrusted for longterm use with plastic masses and in between neutral metal being stainless steel makes the toilet design fit both to historical or modern urban locations. Toilet has been proven from Syberia up to Mediterranean climate installation.

Object facades can be further equipped with illuminated City Light placates.

Originally optimal antivandal characteristics can be even better if special finish is used which facilitate graffity removal.


Interior is well thought in antivandal concept. The basic concept of toilet can be seen from it's layout. The toilet is divided into two types os spaces – user spaces which are accesible to toilet users and service space which is used for monitoring purposes, and storage. All elements are well protected and installed from technical space so the antivandal concept of EUROmodul toilets add value to longterm use – the elements are well protected behind a wall and can't be stolen, or hardly broken.

Inner final finish creates both visual sensation as well as maintaining antivandal characteristics especially when HPl (high pressure laminates) are used. HPL patterns can have many colours/designs to fit everybody's needs – contact us for details.


Equipment installed inside toilet space consists (beside toilet bowl) of antivandal handwash module with three touch free sensors: soap dispenser, water tap and handdryer. Hot water boiler can be installed on request.

Baby changing foldable table facilitates baby changing dipers. Clothes hanger (two pairs) are positioned for adults/children/disabled persons.

Ventilation is made to keep the inner of the toilet fresh. Ventilation is combined with air freshner.

Power sabing lights add to the tendencies of eco friendly product.

SOS panic button adds to the safety of the customers, when activated, it creates audio-visual signs to exteriour public informing them that the person inside toilet might be in need of their assistance.

Panic light operates in case of power falure maintaining inner light and showing the exit door.

Air condition is installed on location with high temperatures.

Design concept

The design concept of toilet can be applied both to Manual and Automatic toilets, in various user spaces models. Automatic, selfcleaning toilet adds to hygene and user satisfaction as it cleans the toilet seat after each use also with sequential floor washing.

Exceptional features

Beside standard configurator modes, any toilet can be customised on request.

Some of the options include adding audio, GSM module for toilet monitoring, timer for maximal usage etc.

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